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Meet Tanya Zakowich

Tanya Zakowich.png

Hi there! Meet Tanya Zakowich, the person in all the @pinkpencilmath videos. These bite-sized videos feature fun, creative ways to do math and have been watched by millions all over the world. In 2022 Tanya created a math foundations course has helped thousands of learners build a strong understanding of fundamental math concepts.



What's the story behind it all? When Tanya was 13, she had to repeat a year of math. But it was during that setback she crafted her own approach to mathematics that not only suited her but also resonated with countless of individuals worldwide.



From there, Tanya went on to study mechanical engineering at Columbia University and worked at NASA, Boeing, and Hyperloop One before creating Pink Pencil Math. Now, she resides in Singapore and loves meeting new people, so why not drop her a hello? She'd love to hear from you!

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